Ready America 72 Hour Elite Emergency Kit 1-Person 3-Day Backpack


  • EMERGENCY KIT FOR DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Stay prepared for emergencies everywhere you go. Ready America emergency survival kits sustain 1 person for 3 days (72 hours). Basic essential emergency supplies recommended by the American Red Cross as well as a hygiene kit, masks, thermometer, survival blankets, and ponchos
  • INCLUDES 33-PIECE FIRST AID KIT: Comes with first aid essentials for minor injuries like bandages and wound cleaning solution. Take care of medical emergencies with easy-to-use supplies. Great for a car emergency kit or boat accessories
  • FOOD AND WATER: Everything you need in case of an emergency. 1 survival food bar (3600 calories) and water pouches with a 5-year shelf life, water purification tablets, and a water bottle
  • ELITE ADDITIONS: The Deluxe Emergency Kit includes a stainless steel Multi-Function Pocket Tool with a screwdriver, pliers, and knife functions, a 4-Function Power Station with radio, charger, and flashlight and siren capabilities, and so much more!
  • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACK: Keep supplies at the ready with this packed handy backpack ready for emergencies that are lightweight and easy to carry. Store this day pack wherever it can be easily accessed. A great gift for everyone


Size:1 Person  |  Style: Elite Emergency Kit


Packed full of high-quality items, the 1 Person Elite Emergency Kit offers more than the standard emergency kit. Every item has been carefully chosen to meet a higher quality standard to help ensure this emergency kit can perform when it’s needed most, in an emergency. Contents are custom-tailored for one person, making this kit great for individuals.


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