The Friendly Swede Magnesium Fire Starter – 3 Pack – Survival Fire Steel Blocks with Striker, Camping Emergency Firestarter


  • Magnesium Fire Starter
  • 🔥 EASY FIRE STARTING: Our magnesium fire starter kit makes it easy to throw sparks and start a fire. The Mag Bar works in any weather conditions – rain, snow, high-altitude. The fire starters are suitable for campfires, survival, bushcraft, and other outdoor activities.
  • 🔥 FIRST-STAGE TINDER IS BUILT-IN: The mag bar is your tinder, whereas common fire lighters require separate material, and it’s not always easy to find something that will readily light.
  • 🔥 EXTREMELY HOT SPARKS: The flint rod will throw hot sparks, no matter how windy it is. The handy striker which, also can be used as a bottle opener, makes this fire steel perfect for experts and beginners.
  • 🔥LONGER LASTING, CONVENIENT, AND COMPACT: You can light many (thousands) of fires with this bundle of 3 fire steel blocks. Use the attached chain so you never have to lose your flint and steel fire starter kit.
  • 🔥SHOP SAFELY: This flint fire starter survival lighter is covered by The Friendly Swede’s Lifetime Warranty. If you have any questions about our flint and steel, just contact us and we will help.


​Longer lasting!

​You can get many (thousands) of fires started with it. Another plus, this mag bar will not suffer from corrosion as a common lighter will. In addition, you will get not only one 1 Fire Starter but a 3 pack.

​First-stage tinder is built-in!

The mag bar is your tinder, whereas a lighter requires separate material and it is not always easy to find something that will readily light.

Hotter Sparks!

The sparks and the magnesium, are much hotter than a butane lighter’s flame.

Weather Resistant!


You can get this mag bar as wet as you like and it will still throw sparks. You can take one that has been submerged in water and have it working to throw sparks in mere seconds.

Windproof & Coldproof

Your new Magnesium Alloy Fire Starters will throw hot sparks no matter how windy it is; keeping consistent performance even in windy conditions.

Your new Flint Firesteel performs flawlessly, even in temperatures dipping below zero degrees F.

Bottle Opener

The striking attached tool has a bottle opener, a scraping tool, and small rulers to measure in centimeters and inches.


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