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Alternative Survival Shelters: Here Are 6 That Fit In Your Kit

In emergencies, shelter is critical. To prepare, you can fit any number of ultra lightweight survival tents in your kit. But consider this. There may not be time to grab shelter. As a result, your survival kit might be the very clothes on your back.

After reading this article, you’ll know about 6 shelter alternatives that you can come up with in moments.

They are cheap, light weight and effective. So let me show you what I mean about cheap portable survival shelter.


Emergency space blankets are easy to get. When they first showed up, I was a kid and thought that they “created” heat. Well, they don’t. But they have improved. For instance, the Rothco thermal is better than the crinkly mylar space blankets. Its reusable and windproof with corner loop holes. The Rothco is also easy to fold for wrapping around yourself or others. Another alternative is the PROFORCE Emergency Survival Bag.


Check out the 45 or 55 gallon contractor bags. They are rather large, but they are portable. Some people fold them flat and fit them into the large pocket in the back of their fishing vests. So here’s an idea for turning these bags into shelter. Take a bag, cut the end off of it so that there’s no bottom. Do this for a second bag. Now tape both bags together, end to end using gaffers or duct tape. You now have a nice tube tent.


House wrap is becoming an increasingly popular shelter alternative. With it, you can make a tarp, tent or tube tent. You just need planning and extra gear like clip grips and paracord.


The concept is simple. A tube serves as a tent. You can buy very cheap and compact tube tents on Amazon or make one as described previously.


Did you know you can make a shelter out of a poncho and shock corded poles?

When you combine both of them, you get a shelter with a shock corded frame. Add a few other items, and you may have a small house! By combining clothing with shelter, you save weight, volume and time with your survival kit.


A tarp with grommet holes can be versatile. Some even provide great protection against wind and rain. For instance, the Survival Tarp from Chinook is compact, ripstop, waterproof and UV resistant. Also, the Chinook reinforced guy loops around the corners. It’s one of the lightest tarps that exists for survival and emergencies.


The key is to think laterally in improvising your shelter in an unexpected situation. Get used to the idea of using common and everyday items.

So as you think about a potential survival situation for yourself or your loved ones, go visit HomeDepot or Lowe’s. Try picking up some contractor trash bags and some duct tape. Set yourself up in the back yard and try taping together a tube tent. See how it works.

Who knows. You might need shelter for an unexpected situation. Or the kids might have fun with your affordable survival shelter poncho tent.

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