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Disasters, Aliens or Weather Survival – Preparation, Planning and Suggestions

What’s your Alien- Disaster Survival Plan?

What do you hope to, or hopefully plan to have with you if there is an alien invasion, a complete collapse of the economy, or a nuclear war or just a month or two with no electricity and public services. The need for survival gear doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea anymore and perhaps investing in some supplies may not be all that bad an idea. You never know when you might need to be able to sustain yourself and your family on only what you have on hand. Plan. Prepare. Be Ready. This is by no means an inclusive list but it is some important things to think about.


Knives are the most important alien survival gear you can have. They provide protection, and can be used for hunting, skinning and preparing dinner. They also cannot run out of ammunition. So by having a few, you can do many things while not requiring much space if they need to be transported or carried on you.

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Light Source and Night Vision

To defend yourself in any kind of complete collapse of the world as we know it, zombie apocalypse and anything else this planet or universe can throw at us, the human species; is to be able to see whatever may come your way to harm you. To be able to see at night is invaluable and to create light after dark is always a good tool. Flashlights, lanterns, candles, however many you can store and in many different places so that you have options where ever you are.

Food and Water

There are many ways to elaborate on this subject, from the 72 hour bug out bag, to preparing your home to be able to eat and survive for a year. When it comes to water, the rule of thumb in general has been 3 gallons per person per day. The more, the better when it comes to these resources. If you store a lot of canned food, don’t forget a manual can opener. Don’t forget the foods that make you feel good too, not just the ones that are good for you. Canned and dried foods are always good and you can keep rotating through them easily. Pack dry goods for long-term unopened and pack other dry goods that you rotate through easily accessible.

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The need to be able to cook with alternate methods than you are used to and the ability to heat a room or yourself if it is cold is extremely important. There are many ways to be sure you will have the ability to start a fire from strikers, matches, waterproof and storm matches and the good old lighter and the many variations of these. I think it is always a good idea to have as many choices and options as you possibly can and many of each.


A Self powered or hand crank radio. One that charges cell phone or GPS devices is also handy. The reasons for this are obvious and many. A battery-powered one also and a stash of batteries just for it.


Sturdy, lightweight layered clothing, and coats, hats, gloves, socks plus whatever you’re wearing when the situation happens. Maybe a way to wash it all if need be.


Trash bags, some five gallon buckets, cooking and eating utensils and a way to clean them and anything else you can think of. Plastic tubs are a great way to store these thing so that they are all together in one place, for easy access of easy transport if the need arises. Personal hygiene items also. You would want to stay as clean as possible to prevent disease.

Choose the gear that fits your way of life. After all, it’s your life. Make the correct choice by purchasing the best quality survival tools, and feel confident in accomplishing this. But remember, any survival tool of poor quality is a very poor choice, especially if your life depends on it. Money means almost nothing if you aren’t around to spend it. Choose carefully! And along the lines of money, you want to stash some of that also. Maybe a disc or memory stick of pertinent personal info and hard copies of important docs…

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