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Survival made easy with Heirloom Seeds

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Survival made easy with Heirloom Seeds

In case of emergency, starting a survival garden is what one needs to do as the primary step. It would save huge amounts of money in the long run and also give a supply of vegetables in the condition of a natural disaster. Eating healthy is more of a fashion than a necessity for everyone these days. Many varied vegetables and fruits can be found in the grocery stores, but the real feel of what is truly organic would only come if you yourself plant the food. Thus, starting a survival garden with Heirloom seeds is the best way to a reliable food source.

Building Your Greenhouse – Greenhouse Design Made Simple

Heirloom seeds which are also known as heritage seeds are seeds that are generally 50 years old and older. They are valuable for a few different reasons. The first reason is that the vegetables prepared out of these seeds taste much better than the vegetables bought at the store. There is a much vaster selection of vegetables and fruits than what can be found at the grocery store. This fact is very popular among peppers or survivalists as the seeds they produce can be harvested and used in the next planting season. There would be fewer choices in the grocery stores like one vegetable will be only available in limited flavors. Other than these things trying out your own choices is also an additional advantage.

Having a variety has been always great and furthermore when a disaster strikes and the grocery stores are left with no additional food supplies. If a person doesn’t like orange carrots, the person is free to produce a yellow carrot on his own. Along with the flavor, the color, shape, and size of the vegetable can also be experimented with and kept oneself from getting bored with the same color and the same taste of the food. The produce coming from the survival garden would not only taste better but also be of finer quality than the normal ones.

Survival Foods In the Wilderness

But in order to produce quality vegetables, quality seeds need to be brought from the seed bank. Such seeds are actually tested for their quality and then only approved by the specialist for further usage. These 100% Non-GMO seeds or Non-Genetically Modified seeds can be also found in online stores. Pure and scientific for use, these seedlings are generated without any cross-breeding with other varieties of vegetables. And thus, you get seeds in their purest forms and to be preserved in a cool dry place for longer preservation.

They can be stored Good quality seeds are easier to grow. In conditions of national disaster, it makes sense to store a substantial amount of stock of canned food, medical supplies, torches, etc. These items fall under prepper supplies. Survival without food and water becomes impossible when disaster strikes. Thus, make a list and operate accordingly to store your things which are to be taken inside the basement shelter along to give life support. Precaution is better than cure, thus grow vegetables along with your thoughts towards development and uninterrupted success.

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