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The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

Well, we survived 2020 and now we face the hope of a new America in 2021. We will be faced with tough choices and tough times, but we will still keep prepping. Some Americans are so disenfranchised with our nation that they are actually considering leaving!

Are there still safe havens for preppers in our nation and around the world? We dug deep and sought out some recommendations to get the gear turning in your own head. Might it be time to relocate?

Bugout Lifestyle

Some people have given themselves over to a sort of never ending bugout. This idea that our world is so close to calamity that we could be uprooted at any moment has given way to people who simply have prepared to be mobile at a moment’s notice.

I call this the Bugout Lifestyle because it basically keeps you on a perpetual bugout or perpetually prepared to be most efficient in a bugout scenario.

Mobile Home

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

RV life and mobile living has become a huge opportunity for many people. This is a lifestyle that is far beyond preppers. Writers, entrepreneurs, and others have also taken to the idea of a mobile living space.

There are some serious benefits for preppers when it comes to living on the road.

Of course, limited storage space can be an issue for preppers. However, we are a creative bunch and using storage and survival caching could become an answer to that.

No matter how you look at it, being a mobile prepper in uncertain times is definitely going to be a huge benefit to preppers in 2021.

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Month to Month Rentals

While owning a property might seem like the best means of financial preparedness, there is something to be said about watching that investment, literally, go up in flames (Antifa). So, now is a time to consider renting month to month.

Month to month rentals in a city would be a terrible idea for preppers!

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

However, month to month rentals in a rural setting could be just the kind of preemptive bugout that you and yours are looking for.

Many farmhouse rentals offer gardens and wide opens spaces with landowners that allow you to keep animals and care for the land as though it were your own.

If the state leadership gets out of hand you simply finish out your lease and move away! No selling a home or any hassle. Cut ties and keep it moving. Having no roots in uncertain times has its benefits.

Off Grid Tiny Home

The off grid tiny home revolution has made lots of things possible for people who are willing to live a minimalist lifestyle.

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

You can jump off grid for a very little bit of money and maybe even invest in a nice piece of land to put that home on.

The tiny home is not just a jump to off grid, but it is also a pickup truck away from being a bugout location. Now you can uproot quickly and take your living space with you.

However, you can also park on a piece of land with a well and build a serious life for yourself.

They can be professionally built for as little as 30,000 or you can do it yourself for even less!


These unconventional living methods might seem a bit extreme to you, but they are solutions for the hardcore prepper that is fortifying and preparing to live out the very worst case scenario.


Batman is the ultimate prepper, in my estimation, and his bat cave is legendary.

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

Of course, it is only the stuff of comics but the living inside of a cave or building a structure inside of a cave could provide you with a protected shelter that is invisible to pretty much every form of detection.

You will not be seen from satellites and even thermal vision will be unable to detect you living in your cave home deep beneath the ground.

Using permaculture principles, you could populate the woods around your cave with a food producing forest garden and maybe even some free roaming animals.

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Missile Silo

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

Abandoned missile silos are popping up all the time. These are decommissioned and highly effective underground shelters for hardcore preppers to manipulate into a living space. Just so you know, you will not be the first person to turn a decommissioned missile silo into a home.

This is the definition of unconventional living, but it is also the prepping at its most extreme and maybe at its most effective. Dipping below the earth’s surface and maintaining normalcy is about the only way a family can live out a true doomsday.

Underground Bunker

A more affordable option is to invest in an underground bunker.

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

While a cheap underground bunker is no type of living space for a person or family, a larger one can be a place that you might seek refuge and furnish to some measure of enjoyment.

A simple cabin on top of your bunker could create a combo living situation that works perfectly for you and yours.

Spacious, outfitted bunkers can run you 80,000 and up. These might not be something you are interested in and with the cost of a home on top it could get very expensive. However, you will be able to just head underground and seek shelter in a disaster.


Here are a few places that are on the more conventional side. While shacking up in a missile silo would undoubtedly protect you from a serious doomsday disaster it wouldn’t be a great place to call home.

So, let’s look at some regions and states that are much better for preppers.

Rural Living

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

The general consensus amongst most preppers is that living rurally is simply better than living in the burbs.

You have more freedom to work on food production and other prepping/homesteading projects. You are also living in an area of low population density.

The rural lands might be the perfect place for the right kind of prepper.

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The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

Tennessee is a great state for preppers and offers up a wonderful mix of environments from great rural expanses to mountain towns and even some incredible suburban places.

It is also a state that is pretty well run from a local government standpoint.

Of course, you are going to need to spend some time seeking out the right place, but you will find it a welcoming state with a lot of the benefits of an east coast location without radical gun control, exploding unrest, destructive taxation and some of the more common issues that are cropping up in states all over.


The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

If you are looking to move into an even more remote location Montana is something to consider.

It is a state of immense beauty and wide ranging freedom.

Of course, there are very few people in the state compared to its massive footprint.

This type of isolation lends itself to preppers who are looking to switch on that agricultural prowess, shoot guns, get off grid and really get back to living as part of the world.

The communities are a lot of independent than those with big cities, too.

West Virginia

Lots of people live in that northeast corridor but tucked just south west of these places is West Virginia and you can find yourself a little nook that will keep you provide you with all the self-reliance and freedom that you want.

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

Getting off the grid and preparing for calamity becomes a reality and in some places a necessity in many parts of West Virginia.

It is also a beautiful landscape and the eastern part of the state offers up world class trout fishing, hiking, and hunting.

West Virginia has not been infected by that which is east of it and it’s a diamond in the east coast rough.

Outside the US

I wouldn’t recommend leaving the nation. That is just my two cents in the whole matter.

However, there are some really great places that one could live and hide and prep without too much oppression, for now.

New Zealand

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

For years New Zealand has been a place where people with money have been buying land and setting up shop for a dark, dark period in history.

This is the island to survive SHTF in the minds of those in places like silicone valley and other billionaires.

In many ways, New Zealand has become the new age ARK that will be there when the rain starts to fall.

No matter how you feel about the uber rich and powerful, they know that New Zealand has tremendous benefits in an SHTF scenario.

Things like local food sources, clean water, and it being an island nation that would require raiders to come by boat.

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