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Top 5 Best Survival Axes Of 2020

One the best tools for any survival situation has to be the Survival Axe. With plenty of versatility a good survival axe can get out of just about any jam. From cutting firewood to chopping up meat there’s not much a survival axe can’t do. Below is our list of the Top 5 Best Survival Axes of 2020.

1. Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe

For a compact tool, the Pack Hatchet delivers an impressive amount of function. Exaggerated finger grooves in the handle allow for incredible edge control while choking up to handle detail work and precise cuts.

With a portable size and versatile shape, the Pack Hatchet appeals to a wide swath of outdoor enthusiasts: campers, hunters, hikers, and survivalists.


  • Full tang construction means steadiness in hand and the strength to power through swinging chores
  • A tall blade grind retains optimal sharpness
  • The handle is wrapped in a rubber over mold for added grip and comfort
  • Nylon sheath can be mounted on pack or belt
  • Integrated lanyard hole secures the Hatchet while on the move

2. LIANTRAL Camping Stainless Axe with Sheath 18 inch Multi Tool Tactical Hatchet Shovel

Folding Axe – The handle of LIANTRAL Camping Axe is detachable, it consists of extension bars and other parts, which makes this axe very portable and compact, the handle length of the axe is adjustable according to your needs, perfect for carrying on your trip for hiking or camping.
Survival Axe – With several survival tools assembled in the handle, such as zigzag knife, magnesium rod flint, whistle, window breaker, compass, LIANTRAL Camping Axe is not only an axe for chopping wood, but also a remarkable survival tool for outdoor lovers especially survivalists.


  • STRONG AND STURDY – The head of axe is made of stainless steel. The handle and extension rod are made of high quality thick aluminum alloy and are durable. The axe handle is skidproof and keep it from falling off during use.
  • VERSATILE AND MULTIPURPOSE – Axe and shovel two-in-one, also equipped with a survival knife, magnesium bar flint, whistle, window breaker, compass. Camping survival features complete, easy to assemble integrated. It is suitable for outdoor living, outdoor travel, etc.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – The handle of axe is adjustable according to your needs. It’s length can be changed by adjusting the extension bars of the handle, very convenient for using in different usage scenarios.
  • SAFE TO CARRY – Folding axe comes in a sheath, amazingly compact and portable, thus makes this tactical axe the best emergency tool for outdoor camping, hiking and hunting.

3. Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Ultimate Outdoor Multi Tool

The Off Grid Tools Survival Axe integrates a ton of tools into 1 hand held multitool. The tool includes a hatchet blade, hammer and nail claw, pry bar and nail puller, replaceable 6 inch saw blade, multiple hex wrenches, a bottle opener and more!! Great for your camping and hunting gear, bug out bag, and even your glove box in your vehicle.


  • Hatchet blade
  • Hammer head, nail Claw and pry bar
  • Replaceable 6 inch saw blade
  • Hex sockets 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm
  • Hardened steel glass breaker and seat belt cutter

4. COMBAR Pro – Elite Adventurer Tool by ACLIM8

The COMBAR was born out of our personal need as adventurers & S.F. background. We were looking for a tool that could easily be carried and would give us the confidence to deal with whatever we would encounter. There were combination tools on the market but none that met our standards.


  • ALL 5 ESSENTIALS IN ONE SUPER HEAVY-DUTY MULTI-TOOL SYSTEM – A Folding Axe, Spade, Hammer, Knife, and Saw (including Magazine Insert).
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – The Highest Quality of Workmanship & Premium Materials: Titanium, Stainless Steel, FG Plastic. Our 25-year Limited Warranty Ensures That Your Combar Will Give You Many Years of Dependable Service.
  • HIGHEST PORTABILITY – Compact & Lightweight (3 Lb / 1.5 Kg Only!).
  • MILITARY GRADE STANDARD – Developed According to US Military Standards.
  • RAPID ACTIVATION AND SAFE USE – Unique Locking Mechanisms, All Sharp Edges Tucked Away, Modular Design for Immediate, Hassle-free Use.

5. Yeacool Camping Axe Multi Tool

Versatile and Multipurpose with Sharpener – Yeacool Camping Axe is such a versatile camping tool: Cut, Chop, Split, Trim, Chip, Scale, Open, Make Fire, Whistle, Hammer, Compass, etc. Very suitable for hunters, survivalists, hikers, campers, outdoor lovers. The sharpener included making you sharp the blade when necessary!


  • Axe: Chopping, Splitting, Cutting, carving, and trimming.
  • Sharpener: Sharpen your tools easily with this folding two-sided diamond sharpener.
  • Safety Hammer: Glass breaker / Lifesaving hammer that secures your safety under emergency situations.
  • Fire Starter: Made of Magnesium, easy to use for making fire.
  • Fisher Scaler Tool : You can use it to scrape the scales of a fish easily.
  • Bottle Opener: Open the bottle of beer and enjoy your drink after work.
  • Whistle: Draw attention from others when in emergency.
  • Hand Rope: Use it as a hand strap or hang the axe for your convenience.
  • Compass: Points out directions to avoid getting lost.

Thank you for check out our list of the Top 5 Best Survival Axes and we hope you find the information helpful. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and make sure everyone is prepared.