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Top Must-Have Basics of Your Survival Knife

To keep the finest quality of survival knife must be precedence for those who revel in camping, hunting, or prepping. There is no question in that an automatic knife for survival is one of the most excellent tools people can have at their disposal. Thinking about the different ways you can make use of the knife, we have brought you some features that you should reflect on while getting the best survival knife.

Feature #1: Blade and Tang

These are two of the most vital chunks of a knife that you can have faith on. When it comes to the blade, it should be thick and made of a strapping steel – be it stainless or carbon steel. A fixed blade is considered ideal as it is sturdier and less likely to crack. You can see that most pocket knives come with smaller blades that you can fold but these are not just about as robust as the fixed blades.

The tang structure, on the other hand, controls the force of the knife. A tang that pulls out all the way to the blade’s end is stronger in comparison with one that doesn’t. It is always good to decide on a knife with a full tang for serious work.

Feature #2: Comfort

It is said that a featured survival knife can simply be handled and it is comfortable in the user’s hand. When you buy the one you should make sure that its handle fits you properly. Also, keep in mind that it is not slippery and doesn’t cause hot spots while chopping something.

Feature #3: Knife’s Size

Certainly, the length & breadth of the blade are also other crucial aspects that must be thought about while making selection of a good survival knife. Just remember, the thicker the blade the sturdier it is and it is also able to endure a lot of deterioration. Here, 4 to 6 inches are considered to be the ideal length, still it mostly depends on what you are going to use it for. In addition, larger knife is a better choice if you want to use it for chopping, but pain to hold it continually will be there.

Feature #4: Steel

What is more, it also should be ensured that you are able to file and keep up the blade or its edge easily. The dispute on the topic stainless steel vs. Carbon steel is very common. It is known that the carbon steel is firmer and more long-lasting steel as compared to the stainless and can seize an edge better. Here, the merely disgrace is that it tarnishes easier than stainless.

I hope these features mentioned above will help you fix on the right survival knife for you.

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