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Worst States For Off Grid Living a Simple Self Sufficient Life

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What are the worst states for the simple off grid living lifestyle? Is it your state on the worst states list? How do we even decide what makes a state good to live in or bad to live in? Let’s talk about it.

The first two states on my list ae Rhode Island and Connecticut. Why did I pick these two states as not good for self sufficient off grid living? We all have our own requirements. And generalizing for all of us and all of a state means there will be exceptions. If your state is on my list I apologize. There are fifty states and one state will be number one and another state will be number fifty.

I made up my list of worst states for off grid self sufficient simple life living based on these requirements. Your list might be different. I use these three criteria for picking my states. Criteria number one is personal freedom. Criteria number two is fiscal freedom. Criteria number three is regulatory freedom.

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Personal freedom is things like the First Amendment free speech, Second Amendment right to bear arms, and other freedoms like education.

Fiscal freedom is things like taxes, income tax, property tax, sales tax, and other forms of government spending.

Regulatory freedom is things like business policies, your right to build on your property and start a small business.

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